Materials and residues containing non-ferrous metals

INDRA has state-of-the-art equipment and analysis systems for its trading and treatment operations. Many different raw materials are processed, including the following:


  • Copper, brass, Cu/Ni, other Cu alloys, zinc, lead, precious metals, scrap metal, cables, punching scrap, sheet metal, strips, pipes
  • Cu, Cu/Zn, Cu/Sn and Cu/Ni residues, slag and other residues containing precious metals
  • Scrap and residues from aluminium: sheets, wires, profiles, casting alloys, foils, chips, shredder material, furnace residues, composite materials, magnesium

International metal trade

Trade, recycling and logistics – a three-way interaction perfected by INDRA. Thanks to its expertise and many years of experience in these areas, INDRA has a strong position in the international metal market. We buy and sell materials all over the world, adding to the international flavour of our business.
We supply smelting works and refineries with the goods they need – direct, fast and properly graded to their individual requirements.

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Selected examples of our input materials

Shredder heavy fraction [SHF]


VA residual fraction

Shear and steel mill residues


Non-ferrous metals from waste incineration plants

Selected examples of our product lines

Aluminium twitch

Aluminium taint tabor

Heavies high grade 40 [HG 40]

Heavies normal grade [small M]

Stainless steel shredder products

Brass shredder products

Full product catalogue

Further product specifications can be found in the catalogues in the download section.