We are one of the leading European metal recycling companies

INDRA is one of the leading European metal recycling companies to specialise in industrial metal recycling and international metal trading.

The success story of INDRA

INDRA has been dedicated to industrial metal separation ever since the company was founded in 1993.

INDRA has been part of the REMONDIS SE & Co. KG group of companies, one of the world's largest providers of recycling, waste management and water treatment services, since 2005. Regional proximity is a key success factor, especially in global markets. When international expertise is applied at local level, the resulting solutions are the best in every respect.


Facts & figures since the foundation of the company

6 million metric tons


300,000 trucks


3,000 customers


2.94 billion euros

generated in sales

20.433 million metric tons of CO2


What sets us apart

Security of supply

Thanks to our size and our excellence in logistics, we are able to react quickly to the needs of our customers.

Acceptance guarantee

We have the technical equipment and flexibility to be able to process a wide and diverse range of input materials. That makes us one of the first go-to companies for our discerning suppliers.

Customer proximity

Our experienced team is in contact daily with our customers all over the world. Our close proximity to customers is at the heart of our business and is key to understanding the needs of our customers.

Sustainable practices

INDRA has set itself the goal of achieving closed-loop material cycles for more and more materials and seeks to conserve as many natural resources as possible.  We are constantly optimising our existing recycling processes in a bid to fulfil these aims. We are improving our efficiency by digitising internal and external processes.

Strong ties

INDRA Recycling GmbH always keeps an eye on the market in order to stay informed about current trends and developments, which is why it a member of the associations listed below. These are an important source of information for us and allow us to meet trade contacts and business partners at conferences.